Measurement and Control Technology History


2006: Noise Measurement Amplifier

  • Noise measurement amplifier with 50 nV resolution

2005: Viscosity of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)Viskositaet von SVB 2a

  • BMBF Research project SCC Concrete

1996: Fast Feedback for CNFast Feedback 207 1986a

  • Measuring and control device for reducing the ripple of the high voltage of up to 5 MV of a van de Graaf generator by a factor of 10

1984: ns-Pulsgenerator PG45

  • Generator for generating pulses with 0 – 2.5 kV at 5 ns
    tr (rise time)
  • Pulse length determined by charging cable length

1981: Projekt Elektronik Controller PECPECa2

  • µC Interface for the control of production machines

1980: Automatic fault indicator ASM7

  • Battery-protected fault signaling system for 128 contacts

1979: VCL – SystemCodeerkennung b

  • Code recognition system for ampoules for increasing quality assurance in production

1977: Digital Video Analyzer

  • Evaluation of wedge interferences for the determination of thermal expansions of solids at temperatures of liquid nitrogen (77K)


1974: rod – Balance

  • Regulator system for balancing a freely supported rod by means of an electric motor driven “car”

1974: Stopwatches; Counter; OP – Amp System

  • Development of measuring instruments for experimental physics
  • Electronic stopwatches and various counters with numerical tubes
  • Operational amplifier plug-in system for simulation purposes