Synthesizer History

Our (big) synthesizers came around the world with the famous group Tangerine Dream. Tangerine Dream (German “Orange Dream”) is a music formation from Germany, which is important because of its pioneering work in the field of electronic music.

1977: Peter Baumann at Greek Theatre LA

  • Recorded: March – April 1977 on their US tour
  • Released: October 1977 on the Virgin label
  • Cover: Monika Froese
  • Composers: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann
  • Musicians: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann

1976: Setting up Equipment at York Minster Cathredral


1976: The Big OneThe Big komplett

Transportable large-scale synthesizer in V2A housing on wheels for Peter Baumann, Tangerine Dream.

  • Pre-wired modular synthesizer for Concert operation incl. Keyboard with Wheels

1975: Sequencer

  • 64 Step Sequencer for Christopher Franke, Tangerine Dream
  • Cascadable by 8 to 64 Steps
  • 2 St. Timecontroller
  • Double trigger per step for echo effects

1974: Moog – 3P

  • Repair of the MOOG 3P Synthesizer after Waldbühne concert
  • Conversion in Tourneefester execution
  • First Projekt Elektronik GmbH Synthesizer modules