Magnetic Test Equipment

Test Equipment for Strong Magnetic Fields

Transverse Magnet

For calibration of transverse magnetic field probes we have a big electromagnet (weight about 2.0 t) with a pole shoe diameter of 140 mm and an air gap of 20 mm. The probe of a special teslameter serves as reference for field control and for the calibration of probes.

We own a high precision NMR-magnetometer which is regularly tested by the national metrology institute Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB ).  With this in turn we regularly calibrate our reference device. This way traceability to national standards is ensured.

Due to field control we have the possibility to set any positive or negative flux density value in the range of ±1.8 T in the air gap of the magnet.

The excellence of the test bench is given by the high precision of the field control. This way a high reproducibility of a few microtesla and extreme stability of field is achieved.

Temperature Chamber of Transverse Magnet

The air gap of the transverse magnet is equiped with a controlled temperature chamber where we can set temperatures in the range of -20°C to +150°C.

By the measurement at different temperatures we record the detailed temperature behavior of the probes.

Linearity Curve of magnetic field probe AS-NTM at three different temperatures showing non-linearity and temperature dependency

linearity curve at three temperatures

Axial Magnet

For calibration of axial magnetic field probes we have another electromagnet.

For calibration of third-party devices the limiting factor is a diameter of 9.0 .

Also the field of the axial magnet is controlled with a special probe. The usable field range is ±1.8 T, too.

Traceability to standards of PTB is given for that special probe, too.

Big Transverse Magnet

For special measurements we own another very big electromagnet (weight about 3 t) with a pole shoe diameter of 250 mm and an air gap of 75 mm. Due to the large volume of the generated magnetic field bulky structures and even whole devices can be tested. This magnet can be equiped with a field control, too. The usable field range is ±500 mT.


Test Equipment for Weak Magnetic Fields

Garrett Coils

As standards for the representation of weak magnetic fields we have available two garret coils. These coils have an inner diameter of 100 mm and 130 mm.

These are air coils which are wound on temperature independent ceramic bodys. With special distribution of the wound wire an especially large homogeneous space within the coil is achieved.

The coil factor is regularly calibrated by PTB. This way traceability to national standards is ensured.

With these coils any positive or negative field in the range of ±200 µT can be generated.


Zero Chambers

To shield the ever present earth’s magnetic field we have different-sized zero chambers.