Magnetic Field Measurement of Airfreight According to IATA 953

IATA 953 (formerly 902) content

According to IATA “Dangerous Goods Regulations – Packing Instructions 953”, a package of magnetic material may be shipped by air freight,

  1. which generates a magnetic field of 0.525 μT or a compass deviation of more than 2 ° at a distance of 2.1 m,
  2. however, at a distance of 4.6 m, a magnetic field of 0.525 μT or a compass deviation of not more than 2 ° generated.

The necessary labeling and form requirements are also listed.

Special permits are required to transport packages that produce more than 0.525 μT or 2 ° compass deviation at a distance of 4.6 m.

Reduction of the magnetic field of a package

If the IATA limits are exceeded, changing packaging will often provide a viable solution to IATA 953 compliance.

Examination of packages

Before shipment by air freight, packages must be checked for compliance with magnetic limits.

You can carry out the test yourself or commission a service provider with the measurement.

Carry out the test yourself

We recommend from our program the Set IATA, consisting of Teslameter FM 302 IATA with the AS-active-probe AS-UAP-IATA. The probe is specially designed for the measurement of very small fields such as the Earth’s magnetic field. The measuring range of the probe is ± 200 μT. In the smallest range, a resolution of one nanotesla (0.001 μT) or less is achieved.

Lieferumfang Set IATA zur Messung von Luftfracht zur Einhaltung der IATA 953 (früher 902) mit Teslameter FM 302 IATA im Koffer, AS-Aktivsonde AS-UAP-IATA im Koffer, Stativ, Gebrauchseinweisung und Zubehör

Delivery Set IATA

The test equipment used must be calibrated every one to two years. We offer for our teslameters and probes the calibration with traceability to the standards of the  PTB . Our test equipment monitoring is subject to the ISO 9001-Certification.

Carry out the test yourself with the rental equipment

For single or rare measurements, we offer you the device with probe weekly to rent.

Examination by Projekt Elektronik Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH

In the customer order, we carry out the measurements for compliance with the limit values for packages.

You will receive a detailed test report with evaluation of the measurement results and shipping recommendation.

We are happy to prepare an individual offer for the measurement of your packages to comply with the limits of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Packing Instruction 953.

For this we need the following information from you:

  • Type and number of packages (for example, carton, pallet, wooden box, metal box)
  • the approximate dimensions of the packages
  • the approximate weight of the packages
  • especially for larger packages such as e.g. Pallets if possible a photo

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