Calibration of Foreign Magnetic Measurement Instruments with Traceability


With our testing devices we have the possibility to calibrate magnetic field measuring devices (Teslameter or Gaussmeter) of other manufacturers, with both transverse and axial magnetic field probes.


In case an adjustment manual is available, we can also adjust the devices.

Coordination before Calibration

In the run-up to calibration, it must be clarified whether the probes fit mechanically into our test devices. Optionally, the production of a suitable holder is necessary as a one-off setup.

Also, the initial calibration of a device type requires the calculation of the measurement uncertainty. This includes the compilation of the relevant parameters of the calibration object. The calibration certificate can then be created with the result of the measurement uncertainty calculation.

The calibration can include the display, digital outputs and analog outputs.

Many devices have the option of switching between three or four measuring ranges. We calibrate the Tesla measuring range of a device in the ± 1.8 T range with measuring points at a distance of 200 mT. Thus, the nonlinearities which frequently occur in devices based on Hall elements are also recorded. For the smaller measuring ranges, we perform a calibration with 5 measuring points (0, ± full measuring range, ± half measuring range).

Ausschnitt aus Kalibrierdaten

Section of calibration data

Our testing devices allow a continuous specification throughout the field area. Therefore, by agreement other measurement points are possible.

In addition, our probe for transverse probes is equipped with a temperature chamber. In addition to a fixed temperature in the range of room temperature (for example 20 ° C or 25 ° C), it is thus possible to carry out the calibration over a wide temperature range (-20 ° C to + 150 ° C).

Calibration Certificate

In the factory calibration certificate we confirm the calibration with traceability to the national standards of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB ). Our test equipment is subject to ISO 9001-certification.

The factory calibration certificate lists the calibration data and the associated measurement uncertainty. If we have information about the tolerance of the calibration object, we can also include an indication of compliance with the limit values in the calibration certificate.