Calibration of Own Magnetic Field Measurment Instruments with Traceability

Calibration and Adjustment

As a manufacturer, we have the necessary test equipment and the expertise to calibrate and calibrate the magnetic field meters and probes we manufacture.

If we find out during the calibration that an adjustment is necessary, we will do it. The adjustment made is also noted on the factory calibration certificate.

Calibration Certificate

We deliver to our instruments a factory calibration certificate without measured values as a calibration certificate according to ISO 9001: PDF Icon example of a calibration certificate for one of our AS-active probes.

We offer for our teslameters and magnetic field probes the calibration with traceability to the national standards of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB ). Traceability is confirmed by our calibration certificate.

We also specify the measurement uncertainty of the calibration performed in our factory calibration certificate.

Our test equipment monitoring is subject to the ISO 9001-certification.

Option Linearity Curve

As an optional additional service, we offer the creation of a linearity curve for our AS active probes. In doing so, we record the individual fault course of the probe as a function of the strength of the magnetic field. With many probes, the linearity curve is also created at different temperatures.

Examples of typical linearity curves can be found for each probe in the PDF Icon data sheet AS-active-probes and under PDF Icon Application Note PE003 Linearity Curves.

example linearity curve AS-NTM

example linearity curve AS-NTM

Calibration Interval for our Teslameters and Magnetic Field Probes

For the calibration interval, no general statement can be made. The interval among other things depends on the frequency of use and the resulting stress. A laboratory device used only twice a year must certainly be calibrated less frequently than a device used every day in production.

The requirements of the own test equipment management the definition of the calibration interval.

By default we recommend an annual calibration for our products.