Calibration of Magnetic Field Sensors

With our test equipment, we also calibrate magnetic field sensors in the field range +/- 1.8 T and in the temperature range from -20 ° C to +150 ° C.
We calculate the measurement uncertainty and indicate this in the calibration certificate.
The calibration is carried out with traceability to the national standards of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB ).
Our inspection equipment is subject to ISO 9001-certification.

Coordination before the Calibration of Magnetic Field Sensors

In the run-up to the calibration, it is clarified whether the sensors fit mechanically into our test devices. Optionally, the production of a suitable holder is necessary as a one-off setup.

Likewise, when calibrating a sensor type for the first time, it is necessary to calculate the measurement uncertainty. This includes the compilation of the relevant parameters of the calibration object.

There is a vote of the calibration scope with regard

  1. Field area and testpoints
  2. temperature range
  3. supply voltage
  4. drive current
  5. Accuracy requirements of the measured values

Our test equipment allow the specification of test points in the entire field range. Therefore, by agreement, an individual distribution of the measuring points is possible. Sensors based on Hall elements often exhibit strong nonlinearities at higher fields. In order to capture these sufficiently, a minimum number of test points is necessary.

Linearitätskurve bei drei Temperaturen

Linearity curve at three temperatures

In addition, our test equipment  is equipped with a temperature chamber. In addition to a fixed temperature in the range of room temperature (for example 20 ° C or 25 ° C), it is thus possible to carry out the calibration over a wide temperature range (-20 ° C to + 150 ° C).