Magnetic Measuring of Customer Components

You check yourself

We will gladly advise you on the selection of a teslameter with a suitable probe as well as on the measurement of your magnetic parts. From experience we can in many cases make an estimate of the expected fields.

Under FAQ we have put together the most common measuring tasks.
We also offer rental device and test device .


We check for you

As an alternative, we offer you to measure your magnetic parts for you.

Typical measurements include the determination of the residual magnetism of steel parts, the measurement of the flux density or homogeneity on the surface of magnet or the testing of magnetic separators.

If you have any need for measurements by us, we ask you to vote in advance with us. If you have any questions, please send us a sample part or a photo or sketch of the part and information on size, weight and material.
Together with you we can then make a determination of the measurements to be performed.
Then we will make you an offer for the cost of the measurement to be performed.

The measured values obtained can serve as a basis for your own further measurements.



Measurements to comply with standards for personal protection, device safety or EMC are not provided.