AS-Adapter 3 for PLC and Oscilloscope

The AS-Adapter 3 is used for the autonomous operation of 1-axis and 3-axis AS-active-probes. The signals from all 3 probes are available simultaneously and in parallel via the BNC connections or via the terminal contacts.

The AS-Adapter 3 has table feet’s and a DIN rail holder mount for cabinet device mounting.

The typical usage is displaying magnetic pulses in the μs-range via Oscilloscope, recording of measurements and field control.


oblique view AS-Adapter 3 for SPS and oscilloscope for parallel connection of three single axis or one three axis magnetic field probe from the program of AS-active-probes


Calibrated analogue output, amplification, bandwith

The AS-Adapter 3

  • has a calibrated output voltage. The measurement process can start without adjusting zero and scale.
  • amplifies the signal from the AS-active probes (± 2V)  by to ± 10V (x5). A 10x higher gain (x50) can be selected.
  • has a bandwidth from DC to a least 100 kHz.
  • works together with all AS-active-probes.
  • has a measurement range of a few nano Tesla up to 12 Tesla (depending on the used AS-active-probe).

The actual overall bandwidth and resolution depends on the used AS-active-probe.
Further information can be found in the data sheet of the AS-aktive-probes.


Supply and galvanic isolation

The AS-adapter 3 allows a supply voltage in the range of 9V to 36V. The supply for the AS-active-probes is provided by the AS-Adapter 3 and is galvanically separated.


Typical usage

with uniaxial AS-active-probes

connection diagram of usage AS-Adapter 3 with three single-axis magnetic field probes, connect probes with three adapter cables, connection to PLC and oscilloscope

with 3-axis AS-active-probes

connection diagram of usage AS-Adapter 3 with 3-axis magnetic field probe, connect probe with adapter cable with three probe connectors, connection to PLC and oscilloscope


Data Sheet

PDF Icon Data sheet AS-Adapter 3

Operation Manual

PDF Icon Operating manual
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