AS-probe adapter for PLC

The AS-probe adapter is a top-hat rail module for operating with any of the AS-aktive-probes without the Teslameter FM 302. The output is an analog voltage in the range ± 10V. Possible application is the analog input of a PLC.

AS-probe adapter for use with AS-active-probes

AS-probe adapter


To measure the magnetic field with the AS-probe adapter, one or more probes from our AS-active-probes are required.

Any of the AS-active-probes (available in the range μT, mT and T) can be connected to the AS-probe adapter.

Calibrated analogue output, measuring ranges and amplification

The AS-probe adapter amplifies the analog output signal of the AS-active-probes from ± 2V to ± 10V (x5). A 10x higher gain (x50) can be selected via a switch. The output value is a calibrated signal, with the accuracy and bandwidth given by adapter and probe.

The resulting overall transmission factor is shown on the page sensitivity class.

Adapter Cable

Adapterkabel für den Anschluss einer AS-Aktivsonden an den AS-Sonden Adapter

Adapter cable for connecting an AS active probe

The delivery includes a 5m long adapter cable. The mounted connectors are shown in the picture.

Supply and galvanic isolation

The AS-probe adapter allows a supply voltage in the range of 9V to 36V. The supply for the AS-active-probes is provided by the AS-probe adapter and is galvanically separated.

Typical use with AS-active-probe

Verwendung der AS-Aktivsonden mit dem AS-Sonden Adapter

Use of the AS-active-probes with the AS-probe adapter


Data sheet

PDF Icon Data sheet AS-probe adapter

Operating manual

PDF Icon Operating manual
for AS-active-probes, Teslameter FM 302, AS-probe adapter, AS-Adapter 3