Teslameter FM 302

Gaussmeter / Magnetic Field Meter for AS-active-probes


  • USB interface
  • Control software with oscilloscope display and data logging capability
  • 4½ digit display
  • Constant field (DC) oder alternating field (RMS) measurement
  • Display in Tesla, Gauss, A/m, A/cm, Oersted
  • Setting of the measurement interval
  • additional filtering
  • Polarity display (N / S)
  • Absolute or relative measurement
  • Minimal, maximal or absolute max. measurement
  • High precision
  • 3 measuring ranges per probe (x1, x10, x100)
  • Calibrated probes for µT-, mT- and T- range
  • Calibrated analog output: DC – 100 kHz
  • Factory calibration certificate with traceability
  • Made in Germany

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Matching Magnetic Field Probe

Choose from the uniaxial and 3-axis AS-active-probes!


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Data Sheet

PDF Icon Data sheet Teslameter FM 302

Operating Manual

PDF Icon Operating manual
for AS-active-probes, Teslameter FM 302, AS-probe adapter, AS-Adapter 3


usage magnetic measurement instrument Teslameter FM 302 with magnetic field probe AS-active-probe, USB interface, oscilloscope, 9V power adapter