Teslameter FM 302 for AS-active-probes

Teslameter FM 302 for AS-active-probes



The Teslameter FM 302 has a two-line LCD display. It displays measured values in 4½-digit.

Display des Teslameter FM 302


Via the keypad other functions can be selected and the values will be displayed:

  • DC or  AC / RMS
  • Absolute or relative measurements

Display des Teslameter FM 302 in Relativ-Messung

  • Minimum / Maximum values

Display des Teslameter FM 302 in Maximum-Messung

  • Setting of the measurement interval
  • additional filtering
  • Zeropoint compensation

Measuring Ranges

The FM 302 can be used with all AS-active-probe in the ranges of µT, mT- and Tesla.

The device has three sensitivity ranges of x1, x10 and x100:

  • has influence on the display as well as on the analog-output
  • this results in three sensitivity ranges for each AS-active-probe
  • sensitivity ranges depend on the sensitivity class of the used AS-active-probe

further details see page Empfindlichkeitsklassen (german language)

Display Units

displayed unit can be switched

  • Tesla
  • Gauss
  • A/m (ampere per meter)
  • A/cm (ampere per centimeter)
  • Oersted

More background can be found in this application note PDF Icon PE005 Magnetic units of measurement and their conversion.

Calibrated Analog Output

The Teslameter FM 302 comes with a calibrated analog output.

  • analog voltage signal at BNC-connector
  • with full accuracy and full bandwith of teslameter and AS-active-probe

The transfer factor of the analog output is determined by the sensitivity class of the active-probe in use and the selected amplification-factor of the Teslameters FM 302. More details can be found in Empfindlichkeitsklassen (german language) .

USB Inteface

Via the USB interface the Teslameter FM 302 can be controlled and measurement data can be read.

  • driver creates a virtual serial port
  • control is done with ASCII-based commands
  • can be used with own software

A complete documentation of the commands can be found in the PDF Icon operating manual (page 41 ff).

Control Software

Included in delivery is a control software for the Teslameter FM 302.

The control software provides the following functionality:

  • Access to all settings
  • Displaying the current measured values
  • Logging of measured values (continually or after pressing a key)
  • Oscilloscope-like graphical displaying of the measured values
  • Comparator-like display of adjustable tresholds
Steuersoftware für das Teslameter FM 302

Control Software for the Teslameter FM 302



Data Sheet

PDF Icon Data sheet Teslameter FM 302

Operating Manual

PDF Icon Operating manual
for AS-active-probes, Teslameter FM 302, AS-probe adapter, AS-Adapter 3