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Magnetic Field Measurement made in Germany!

Gebäudeansicht der Projekt Elektronik (Am Borsigturm 54; 13508 Berlin, Germany)
Projekt Elektronik - Am Borsigturm 54

Engineering services Made in Germany rightly enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Since 1974, our company Projekt Elektronik has been working to consolidate and expand this reputation in the measurement and control technology segment. With our specialization in magnetic field measurement, we have repeatedly provided the international market with decisive impulses through high-quality standard solutions and individual new developments, which have continuously corrected the requirement profiles for the products upwards. With us, everything – from the idea through planning to production – can be covered in-house. This ensures that we have complete product control and ensures unrivaled fast results at the highest level. We are proud of that!

The Projekt Elektronik Team

Portrait Herr Heinze

Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Heinze

Technical Consultation

Mrs. Zuschke

Carola Zuschke

Order Processing


Ruediger Goebel

Technical Leader

Technical Consulation

A small, well-established team of specialists is behind this success at Projekt Elektronik. With many years of practical experience, graduate technicians, business people and electromechanics bring their qualifications in electronics design, software, measurement technology, sensor technology and consulting to project electronics in the projects of our customers. A noticeable advantage for our clients when it comes to competence and fast, reliable solutions!

We simply know what we are talking about and what the customer has to pay attention to in order for his project to be a success.

About Us

Core Competencies of Projekt Elektronik

Depending on the individual requirements and wishes of our customers, we form smaller internal project groups to find an efficient solution. We focus on magnetic field measurement, residual magnetic field measurement, measurement of magnets, coils and rotors, geomagnetic field measurement, beam guidance and air freight inspection according to IATA 953. With our modular product range and a wide range of practice-oriented services, we have established ourselves as an efficient partner for customers from the mechanical engineering sector , from universities and research, especially nuclear research, from process automation and last but not least from the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Logo TÜV Süd - ISO 9001 Zertifiziertes Qualitätsmanagementsystems; www.tuev-sued.de/ms-zert

ISO 9001 Certified

Decades of experience and success on the market are important proof of our efficiency in the field of magnetic field measurement. In addition, we had our quality­management certified according to ISO 9001 in 1997. As part of the certification, the entire process from development to production, including testing, documentation and customer support, was scrutinized. We guarantee our customers products of the highest quality, Made in Germany.

DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate - German
DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate - English

The Competent Projekt Electronik Team will be Glad to Advise You

Zeichnung zwei Figuren im Gedankenaustausch

The preparatory and accompanying consultation is very important for our customers. Because every requirement, every technical specification is special and requires attention and competence.

You can benefit from this, too. Call us or send us an email.

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