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Our Basic Principle: Measuring Device plus suitable Probe

Teslameter / Gaussmeter, Adapter and Magnetic Field Probes

The combination of the appropriate magnetic field probe and the appropriate magnetic field measuring device is the basis for a successful magnetic field measurement. With our Teslameters, Adapters and the wide range of AS-Active Probes, we have created a modular program whose components are all compatible with one another. From this, the most suitable measuring system for the individual measuring task can be implemented. Magnetic field measurement technology according to the basic principle of Projekt Elektronik means always selecting the right combination of probe and device. If you have any questions about your personal needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Magnetic Field Measuring Devices offer a wide range of possible uses thanks
to their modular design

Depending on the area of application, we recommend our magnetic field measuring device Teslameter FM 302 or the AS-Probe Adapter, both of which can be combined with all of our AS-Active Probes. Our Set IATA  is equipped with its own magnetic field probe specifically for use in air freight security. Projekt Elektronik offers the special Teslameter FM 3002 for very high-precision magnetic field measurement processes.

Our Measuring Devices and Probes – Wide Range of Products

Our 1-axis active magnetic field probes (AS Active Probes) are calibrated and pluggable and are manufactured with different properties. Stable, thin or flexible, they adapt to the respective requirements in the field of magnetic field measurement technology. For our Teslameter FM 302 measuring device, we offer a total of 14 AS Active Probes in two measuring directions (transversal and axial probes) with different sensitivity classes and designs as standard.

The 3-axis active 3D magnetic field probes from Projekt Elektronik combine the same product advantages as the 1-axis AS Active Probes with another important advantage: A 3-axis magnetic field probe can measure all 3 axes of the magnetic field simultaneously.

For our high-precision Teslameter FM 3002 we offer a transverse probe and an axial probe, which support special requirements depending on the specification:

  • highest linearity with low temperature drift
  • particularly low-noise

Our Active Probe AS-UAP-IATA, specially developed for the requirements of magnetic field measurement technology in air freight, is supplied in a set with a tripod that allows stable positioning on site. The associated Teslameter FM 302 IATA is handy and designed for mobile use.

thin axial probe 2mm diameter, magnetic field probe angled Hall element, short transversal probe
Special Customized thin & short Magnetic Field Probes

Special Developments - Magnetic Field Measuring Devices According to Your Wishes

If you have requirements for the magnetic field probes that are not covered by our product range, the Projekt Elektronik team will develop new and adapted components according to your specifications. Depending on the question, you often have a high-quality, functional solution for the requirements of your measurement tasks on site after just two to six weeks. We can keep this short response time because we can draw on more than 40 years of experience in design, development and construction of magnetic field measurement technology. Use our experience to your advantage!

For many areas of application and tasks, in addition to purchasing solutions for magnetic field measurement technology, we also offer you the option of ordering rental equipment or having our specialists carry out the test as a service.

We would be glad to advise you on all aspects of our Magnetic Field Measuring Devices

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Every requirement, every technical specification in the field of magnetic field measurement technology is special and requires attention and a high degree of competence. Therefore the preparatory and accompanying consultation is very important to our customers.

You can benefit from this, too! Call us or send us an email. We are looking forward to your contact.

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