Rent and Test Magnetic Field Measuring Devices

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Rent or Test Our Measuring Devices

Buying is not always the first option for our customers. That’s why we offer two variants that make your decision easier: rent or test.

Example rental set: Teslameter FM302 with AS-VTP and AS-NTM probes
Example Rent Set: Teslameter FM 302
with AS-VTP & AS-NTM active probes

Rental of Teslameters and Magnetic Field Probes

Rent a Teslameter FM 302 with various AS-Active-Probes on a weekly basis if you have a limited amount of measurement tasks or a low volume overall. You will receive calibrated components (factory calibration certificate issued within the last 12 months).

We can only offer this service to customers within Germany.

Unfortunately, we cannot rent AS-Active-Probes that are mechanically very sensitive .

Optionally, we can issue linearity curves for the rented AS-Active-Probes.

If you need the rental equipment within a certain time window, we ask that you make an appointment early.

Testing of Teslameter FM 302 and Magnetic Field Probes

You can also test a brand-new Teslameter FM 302 with various probes and adapters (with a current factory calibration certificate) on a weekly basis if you want to convince yourself of the use and functionality on site under real conditions.

Choose from all standard products in our product range: Teslameter FM 302, 1-axis and 3-acis AS-Active-Probe, AS-Probe Adapter and AS-Adapter 3. The Teslameter FM 3002 is currently not available as a test device, but only offered as a rental device.

Here, too, we offer you the option of issuing linearity curves for the AS-active-probes.

We currently only offer test devices to our customers in Germany.

The test fee is charged on a weekly basis. If the test phase convinces you and you want to buy the device, the components remain with you and we do not charge the test fee for the first week.

Teslameter FM302 with AS-NTP 0.6 magnetic field probe
Example Test Set:
Teslameter FM 302 with Magnetic Field Probe AS-NTP 0,6

We will Advise You on the Selection of Your Rental or Test Device

Zeichnung zwei Figuren im Gedankenaustausch

We will be glad to answer your questions about rental components, dates and costs personally.

Call us or write us your questions.

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