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Additional equipment by Projekt Elektronik

The Projekt Elektronik team has been very familiar with the practical challenges of its customers’ measurement tasks for many years. We know what is important when working with magnetic fields in the automotive industry or in research facilities. We know the difficulties that arise when measuring the magnetic field of air freight. We have been supporting the work in research institutes worldwide for decades. We are involved in research and development in process automation and the many other industries that rely on quality made in Germany from Projekt Elektronik when measuring magnetic fields.

Zero Chamber for Magnetic Shielding

Practical, handy solution for shielding external magnetic fields and for precise zero point adjustment of measuring device and probe.

Zero Chamber – Zero Adjustment
Zero chamber for shielding from magnetic fields as a tube closed on one side
Zero Chamber
9 V Power Supply

Power Supplies for Teslameter FM 302 & Adapters

For the power supply of our devices we offer suitable power supplies:

  • Power pack for Teslameter FM 302 9 V plug-in power supply with barrel connector
  • Power supply for adapter 9 V plug-in power supply: two wires with ferrules

Extension Cable for Magnetic Field Probes

Extension Cable for AS-Active-Probes

We offer extension cables for our probes in the lengths 2 m, 5 m and 10 m. A decisive advantage: the measurement result is not affected by the extension within the specification!

Probe Extension Cable
Wide base handle and aluminum protective plate for axial magnetic field probes

Axial Probe Handle for Weight Testing

Our handle with a 2.5 mm protective plate made of aluminum ensures more comfortable use of our axial AS-active-probe AS-LAP.

Testing the Magnetization of Weights

Magnetic Field Meters Designed for Everyday Use

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal measurement results with our products. This led us early on to our modular basic principle of connecting pluggable and therefore interchangeable AS-active-probes to our magnetic field measuring instrument FM 302, AS-Probe Adapter and AS-Adapter 3. In this way, our customers gain maximum functional variety in an economically interesting framework.

Another result of our vision is the development of accessories that multiply the compatibility and usability of our products.

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The preparatory and accompanying consultation is very important to our customers. Because every requirement, every technical specification is special and requires attention and competence.

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