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Calibration According to ISO 9001

Calibration and Adjustment

High-precision measuring devices must deliver exact values within defined limits. In order to ensure this for our magnetic field measuring devices and probes, we always supply all products with a factory calibration certificate – whether for purchase, rental or testing.

Because we manufacture our equipment in-house, we have the expertise and testing facilities to calibrate all components. If we discover deviations from the reference values, we make the necessary adjustments.

Our test equipment monitoring is certified according to ISO 9001. This is what our calibration certificate says:

As an additional option, we offer you the creation of a linearity curve that records the individual error curve of a probe at up to six different temperatures.

Test points between +1800mT and -1800mT are also possible according to customer requirements.
This means that the most important areas for you can be tested in particular.

We also offer individual calibrations and chain calibrations. Our Application Note PE023 under Downloads provides you with a decision-making aid.

We calibrate and adjust our own magnetic field measuring devices and magnetic field probes. Third-party devices from other manufacturers that fit mechanically into our testing devices can also be calibrated. If adjustment instructions are available, we will also take care of the adjustment.

We would be glad to inform you about the technical possibilities and the costs of our service. It is best to arrange an appointment using the contact form.

Kalibrierschein Muster
Example: Calibration Certificate

Calibration with Traceability

Calibration of our own devices: We offer calibration with traceability for our devices.

Calibration of third-party devices: We also offer calibration with traceability for devices from other manufacturers.


Calibration of Sensors

Calibration with traceability for different magnetic field sensors, also at different temperatures.

Example Magnetic Field Probe

Magnetic Test Equipment from Projekt Elektronik

We have a wide range of measuring and magnet equipment for the calibration and adjustment processes. For example, we use both axial and transverse electromagnets to calibrate and adjust magnetic field probes. The measurement processes are also supported with temperature chambers in the magnets. Various coils (e.g. Garrett coils) are used for weak magnetic fields.

Are You Interested in Calibrating Your Measuring Device?

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We will be glad to answer your questions about calibrations, appointments and costs personally.

Call us or write us your questions.

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