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High-Precision Magnetic Field Measuring Devices

Magnetic field measuring devices, also referred to as magnetometers or gaussmeters, are marketed by Projekt Elektronik under the product name Teslameter.

The basic principle at Projekt Elektronik is the modular structure, which allows the combination of different probes with one measuring device. This means that our components can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. A great advantage for the everyday practice of our customers.

The modular concept implies that each Teslameter will be accompanied with one of our probes. Which of the probes is selected depends on the individual measurement tasks to be solved. Additional probes can be ordered, too.

The focus of our more than 40 years of comprehensive development experience are the tasks of magnetic field measurement such as residual magnetic field measurement, measurement of magnets, coils and rotors, geomagnetic field measurement, beam guidance and air freight inspection according to IATA 953.

Our Teslameter Device Types

Three types of devices form the standard in our delivery program:

  • Teslameter FM 302 and the modified Teslameter FM 302 IATA,
  • AS-Probe Adapter and AS-Adapter 3
  • high-precision Teslameter FM 3002.

Our magnetic field measuring devices inherently offer you many advantages: Alongside maximum accuracy and economic use, easy operation is a matter of concern for us. We realize our philosophy of keeping the devices as flexible as possible with our pluggable – and therefore interchangeable – calibrated probes. Calibrated analog outputs – an important factor for function and accuracy – are one of our key features. Our measuring devices also score with particularly high signal bandwidths, with outstanding precision and low noise.

Teslameter FM 302 Hand-Held Device

Our hand-held device Teslameter FM 302 impresses with its compact dimensions and the functional added value that all 1-axis and also some of the 3-axis AS-active-probes manufactured by us can be used with one device type. In this way, an exceptional range of possible uses can be achieved in a particularly economical manner. A Teslameter FM 302 comes standard with:

Magnetic field measuring device Teslameter FM 302
Hand-Held Device Teslameter FM 302
Data Sheet: Teslameter FM 302
Operating Manual
Front view Teslameter FM3002 with transversal probe
Desktop Device Teslameter FM 3002

Teslameter FM 3002 Desktop Device

We offer the high-precision Teslameter FM 3002 in two standard configurations:

Data Sheet: Teslameter FM 3002
Data Sheet: Teslameter FM 3002-0,1T
Operating Manual:
Teslameter FM 3002
Operating Manual:
Teslameter FM 3002-0,1T

Teslameter FM 302 IATA Set

The SET IATA combines the handy Teslameter FM 302 IATA with the special magnetic field probe AS-UAP-IATA and a stable tripod that allows the probe to be safely positioned. Including accessories and instructions for use, safely stowed away in a practical case.

Handheld device Teslameter FM 302 IATA and cuboid magnetic field probe AS-UAP-IATA on tripod
with Teslameter FM 302 IATA and probe AS-UAP-IATA
Data sheet: Set IATA

Our Unique Selling Point: Adapter for AS-Probes

Projekt Elektronik also offers adapters that open up additional application possibilities for our probes.

These are the most important advantages from the point of view of our customers:

Adapters from Projekt Elektronik are used particularly frequently in automation and mechanical engineering. Of course, our adapters can also be used profitably in other sectors. Contact us! A phone call or an email will put us in touch.

The AS-Probe Adapter and the AS-Adapter 3 are described below.

AS-Probe Adapter green 20 mm Module with screw connections on DIN rail
AS-Probe Adapter

AS-Probe Adapter

With our AS-Probe Adapter, you can operate our AS-active-probe type magnetic field probes without a Teslameter FM 302.

For the magnetic field measurement with our adapter you need one or more probes from our delivery program.

The adapter, which is called a top-hat rail module according to its shape, outputs the measured value as an analog voltage in the range of ±10 V, which can be further processed via the analog input of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Data Sheet: AS-Probe Adapter
Operating Manual

AS-Adapter 3 for PLC and Oscilloscope

Developed for use on PLCs and oscilloscopes, our AS-Adapter 3 supports the autonomous operation of our 1-axis and 3-axis AS-active-probes. The signals from all three probes are processed simultaneously and are available in parallel via BNC connections or terminal contacts.

The device is prepared for use as a stand-alone device on a table or for installation in a control cabinet. The advantages of the AS-Adapter 3 at a glance:

Oblique view of AS adapter 3 on DIN rail; 3-channel with terminal strip, BNC connectors and switches
AS-Adapter 3 on Top Hat Rail
Data sheet: AS-Adapter 3
Operating Manual

Projekt Elektronik Teslameter

Magnetic Field Measuring Devices According to Customer Specifications

If our standard solutions do not meet your requirements, we either modify our devices or develop and implement custom-made products according to your parameters in our company in Berlin. You benefit from our decades of experience, our know-how and the expertise of our team. Our decision-making routes are short. All processing steps from the idea to the conception, planning and production remain in our hands. The quality is convincing. In other words, magnetic field measuring devices Made in Germany! In two to six weeks – depending on the complexity of the requirement – you will have your special magnetic field measurement system in-house.

The Advantages of Our Magnetic Field Probes

Last but not least, we achieve the exceptional versatility of our measuring devices through the use of different probes. A total of 21 different active probes are part of our standard delivery program, which covers many measuring tasks. Depending on the problem, we will work with you to develop special AS-active-probes as custom-made products in two to six weeks for different measurement tasks, which adapt the scope of our magnetic field measuring devices precisely to your requirement profile. As a manufacturer, we can meet such individual requests for multichannel probes or a changed bandwidth, but also for changes in the probe dimensions and special carrier shapes at short notice.

Teslameters for all areas of application by Projekt Elektronik

Magnetic field measurement plays a prominent role in many industries. Whether in aerospace or in nuclear research, whether in new developments in automotive engineering or process automation – magnetic fields and their exact detection are of crucial importance everywhere. The respective measurement tasks are influenced by a wide variety of factors. We are proud to work for many well-known customers from these innovative branches of research and industry.

In addition to decades of experience, what counts for our customers is the flexibility of our product portfolio and the comprehensive consulting service for everything to do with magnetic field measurement and more. Convince yourself of our performance.

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