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What are the Advantages of Active Magnetic Field Probes?

The active probes are equipped with active amplifier electronics and have an extremely low-impedance output, i.e. they can also drive long lines. The output signal is calibrated according to specification. They can not only be connected to a certain type of Teslameter, but can also be connected to any signal input.

Our Product Range:
Magnetic Field Probes from Projekt Elektronik

Our standard delivery program includes a total of 19 probes, all of which are calibrated in-house. 12 of our AS-active-probes are 1-axis transversal or axial probes in various designs: from robust to flexible to extra thin.

Our 3-axis AS-active-probes allow measurement independent of the orientation of the probe to the direction of the magnetic field.

Our AS-active-probes are divided into different categories according to sensitivity and design.

The AS-UAP-IATA active probe was developed for the mobile use of our SET IATA.

The Teslameter FM 3002 is available with two special probes for the special performance range.

Our Probes are Compatible and Modular

All of our 1-axis AS-active-probes are plug-compatible with our hand-held measuring device Teslameter FM 302, AS-Probe Adapter and AS-Adapter 3. This means that this magnetic field measuring device and adapter can be used with any probe. The functional area of application for combinations with the FM 302 is therefore extremely broad, because our probes are specialized for a wide variety of challenges.

A selection:

Details and Specifications of Our Probes

1-axis probes are aligned to the magnetic field for measurement.

Transverse probes measure the magnetic field perpendicular to the sensor carrier.

They are laid flat to measure a magnet.

If a transversal probe is placed cross-up on a magnet and the teslameter shows a positive value, then there is a south pole under the probe. If a negative value is displayed, it is a north pole.

Polarity (North Pole South Pole) of a permanent magnet with a transversal magnetic field probe on it
Polarity determination of a permanent magnet using a transversal probe

Typical DC Magnetic Fields and Associated AS Probes

Data Sheet: 1-axis AS-Active-Probes
Operating Manual
Data Sheet:
AS-N3DM x+y+z syn-out,
AS-L3DM x+y+z syn-out,
AS-V3DM x+y+z syn-out
Addendum to the Operating Manual:
AS-N3DM x+y+z syn-out,
AS-L3DM x+y+z syn-out,
AS-V3DM x+y+z syn-out

Addendum to the Operating Manual:
AS-U3D GEO-X x+y+z syn-out

Integration of the Probes into the Customer's Own PLC Systems

All devices and components from Projekt Elektronik can also be used with the customer’s own test setups. For example, our autonomous AS-probe can be integrated into a customer’s existing PLC system. In order to ensure a reliable measurement result, we would be happy to support you with the integration.

Magnetic field measurement of a magnetic roller
Example of a test setup

Individual Probes Tailored for You

Custom Probes

custom AS active probes
Examples of Custom Probes

Alternatively, as a manufacturer, we have the option of manufacturing probes according to your individual specifications. Therefore, customized dimensions can be realized as well as special carrier shapes. Depending on the type of magnetic field probe, we can achieve upper bandwidths of up to 100 kHz. We can also develop multichannel probes for you.

An important criterion for you: We also develop and manufacture individual pieces if required! So it’s no wonder that many of our long-standing customers are active in research and development.

Depending on the complexity of the task, the process from the idea through planning to the production of the new probe takes around two to six weeks. All quality features that we take for granted also apply to the customer-specific probes by Projekt Elektronik.

Data Sheet: Custom AS-Active-Probes

Accessories for AS-Probes

We offer a wide range of accessories to enable quick adjustments to existing test setups in everyday practice without impairing the quality of the measurement results. Our extension cable for probes has proven to be very helpful, with which large distances can be bridged without distorting the measurement result.

Do You have any Questions about Our Magnetic Field Probes?

Zeichnung zwei Figuren im Gedankenaustausch

Talk to us – we would be glad to advise you and support you with constructive suggestions. In order to be able to recommend a probe to you, we need the following information if possible:

  1. the field area to be measured
  2. the required measurement direction (axial or transverse)
  3. constant field or alternating field as well as the frequency range in the case of alternating field
  4. the temperature range (room temperature or above / below)
  5. the requirements for the dimensions of the probe (e.g. thickness, length, material)
  6. possible requirements for measurement accuracy and stability of the measured values

A phone call or an email will put us in touch.

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