How do I measure …


… Flux Density / Field Strength of Magnets?

Teslameter FM 302 with axial or transverse probe.
Recommendation:  FM 302 with AS-NTM, AS-NTM-2, AS-NTP, AS-NAP or AS-NTP Flex.

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… polarity

bar magnet with polarity South top (green) and North bottom (red)

Transversal probe:
 Magnetfeldmessung mittels Transversalsonde
Axial probe:
Magnetfeldmessung mittels Axialsonde

With FM 302 and all AS-probes it gives:
display > 0 : South,          display < 0 : north.

PDF Icon PE009 Magnetization types of permanent magnets


… the Flux Density inside a Cylindrical Coil?

Messung des Magnetfeldes an einer Zylinderspule mittels Axialsonde

With FM302 and axial AS-probes.
Recommendation: FM 302 and AS-LAP (or UAP-GEO-X).

PDF Icon PE017 Measurement of Magnetic Fields


… Flux Density in Air Gaps?

With FM302 and flexible or thin transversal AS-probe.
Typical flux density: about 1 to 2 Tesla.

Recommendation: FM 302 with AS-NTP Flex or AS-NTP 0,6.


… Residual Magnetism?

With FM 302 and axial- or transversal AS-active-probes.
Typical limit values: 0,1 mT to 1 mT.

Recommendation: FM 302 with AS-LTM, AS-LAP.

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… the Flux Denity at Rotors?

With AS-active-probes and AS-probe Adapter or AS-Adapter 3, both for PLC.
Analog bandwidth: 10 kHz.

Recommendation: AS-NTM, AS-NTM-2 with AS-probe Adapter or AS-Adapter 3.


… the Flux Density under extreme Temperatures?

With FM 302 and AS-active probes with temperature range of -40 °C  to +150 °C.

Recommendation: FM 302 with AS-NTP-Hot-05.

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… the Geomagnetic Field?


With FM 302 and uniaxial or triaxial AS-active probes.

Recommendation (uniaxial): FM 302 with AS-UAP GEO-X or AS-UAP-Lot.

Recommendation (triaxial): FM 302 with AS-U3D GEO-X (de) or AS-U3D-GEO-X x+y+z syn-out (de).

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… Personal Safety Limit Values?


With FM 302 and different AS-active-probes.

There are a lot of legal issues to be respected.

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… the Flux Density of Superconductors and Pulse Magnetizers?


With FM 302 and high field probe (up to 20 Tesla).

Recommendation: FM 302 with AS-HAP.

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